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moschino never fails to amuse me 

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lol save poor putin from the evil media

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do you think Surkov and Arkady are friends? or even get along? i've got this feeling that they actually really seriously very much hate each other.

Asked by chef-becker

They used to compete with each other for queen meanboys’ hand, u know

but no seriously, i think Arkasha’s intelligence and magical ability to put with shit is very much appealing to Slava, he envies this. And the family. And the legit, serious job.

As for Arkady…i think he tried to be a good friend for Slava when they worked together, ‘cause he’s a nice guy. But Slava, being himself and not having any kind of experience in handling REAL friends, he fucked it up. many times. no apoligies    

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Imagine the confusion when Taylor Swift saves Ukraine at the same time, Yulia Tymoshenko decides to wear her hair down in public (2009!Taylor Swift looks like Yulia with her hair down, only slightly older)

Asked by Anonymous

I don’t see much resemblance. young Yulia reminds me a bit of Jaqueline Kennedyimagemaybe it’s just really the hair? idk.

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stuttering communists are real and they all live here

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i’m in the ramzan tag and i don’t know what is more funnier: this or that it was said by a user named aryancumprincess 

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ha a tatabányai városközpont egyetlen dohányboltja holnap megint zárva lesz én egyébként fel fogok akasztani valakit

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he reads?!

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