i love the internet


i don’t know what i am doing with my life or my hair

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Syrian man drinking tea after his house was bombed 

Syrian man drinking tea after his house was bombed 

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i needed to share it

thanks preved-medved-pls for this art piece

oh my god why

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Beslan. September 1, 2004, this school outside Vladikavkaz was taken hostage by separatist militants from neighboring Caucasus republics. When the Russians intervened some days later, a huge percentage of the youth of this town were killed. This is the gymnasium where the children were held, pictures of them and their teachers are on the wall. Bullet wounds and scorch marks can be seen on the wall.

You mean 29 August of this year?!

yes! do u have pics?

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Gay rights activists kiss as they are detained by police officers during a gay rights protest in St. Petersburg

no photoshopped version

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i gave one of my favourite rings to my mother because it kept falling off from my finger and all i’ve got for it was “that’s because you are fucking skinny” and “you are never going to pass college like this”  

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